A friendly association of Canadian glass enthusiasts, collectors and researchers

About Us

Glasfax is dedicated to the study of glass manufactured and used in Canada from before Confederation right up to the present day.  Glasfax was founded in 1967 during Canada's Centenial celebrations.  There are three chapters – District 3 with members in the Greater Toronto Area; District 4 with a membership based in southwestern Ontario; and District X for members in all other locations. Our members are interested in the history of glass in all its phases from raw materials to the finished article.


Membership in Glasfax is open to those who are interested in contributing to our objectives in some practical way. A new member, upon being accepted , enjoys all the privileges, responsibilities and fun of being a Glasfax member!

Membership benefits include:

Annual membership runs from January to December.

To inquire about membership please click on the "Contact Us" button and send an email indicating your interests and location. We will contact you shortly with more information on how to join!